Asset One Portfolio Management Team©

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Your Louisiana Team

Nancy Rinker, Joe Vizzini, John Schumacher, and Porter Landreth make up the Portfolio Management Team© (PMT) at Asset One.

The Asset One Portfolio Management Team© collectively bring over 90 years of investment and research experience. This experience adds perspective to address volatile market activity and make strategic investment recommendations for our client portfolios.

The Portfolio Management Team© members work with your advisor or strategist to understand your financial situation and goals. Some things we'll ask may include:

  • Over time what rate of return do you need?
  • Are you in a high tax bracket?
  • Do you need cash each month?
  • What type of broad investment allocation will let you sleep well?

Each day the Portfolio Management Team© members monitor world markets and economies, track performance of current holdings, and research new investment opportunities. We use technical analysis to determine buy and sell points and study trends for the overall market as well as individual positions.

Just as important as the decision to buy an investment is the decision to sell and our Portfolio Management Team© tracks investment changes from purchase price. All this information is applied to manage, grow, and protect each client's unique portfolio.

Your information remains confidential and tells the Portfolio Management Team© how to develop your investment allocations for a balanced portfolio that delivers performance within your comfort level. Where appropriate, your advisor may recommend annuities, real estate, or other investments. These are incorporated into the overall allocation.

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