Working With Us

What can you expect at Asset One?

We understand it is difficult to trust a company with your financial goals and investments. That is why most clients come to us as a referral from a trusted friend.

At our first complimentary meeting we'll get to know one another and understand what we need to accomplish together. During our next meeting, your strategy advisor will suggest options to attain your financial dream.

When you are comfortable with our customized approach, we'll begin implementing your plan.

How do we
work together?

Asset One manages investment portfolios for each client based on individual investing goals, time horizon, cash flow requirements, outside holdings, and tax status, along with other factors.

Asset management services are fee-based and vary depending on the amount of assets under management.

Financial management services vary depending on the complexity of the services provided. The amount will be determined and quoted during the initial meeting with your strategist.

How do I get information and results?

Each client's goals are different so your results are unique. Your Asset One strategist will meet with you as frequently as you prefer to review results of managed investments, discuss any changes in your objectives, and confirm next steps in implementing your plan.

We believe the more you know about how we make our investing decisions, the more comfortable you'll be with Asset One's management of your portfolio. Asset One's Portfolio Management Team© allocates each client's portfolio according to their needs and personal benchmarks – the rate of return you need to earn over time.

You'll have online access to your accounts through your custodian's website and quarterly updates relevant to your portfolio. In addition, written investment performance summaries are mailed or emailed to you each quarter.

What other programs are available for clients?

Asset One offers our clients the option to participate in exclusive educational and social events specifically for them. Educational programs are offered on a variety of financial topics such as Social Security, Identity Theft, and Economic Updates. Asset One's Portfolio Management Team© provides seminars such as Joe Vizzini's "Invest Well, Sleep Well" program.

Not all events are serious. Social events simply bring clients together for fun activities such as a "Sip and Paint" party, holiday parties, and other opportunities to enjoy food and friendship. You might think of Asset One as a private community of clients where you have the option to learn and share financial information, meet people with similar goals, and enjoy social gatherings.


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